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YOKO – Rating: besonders wertvoll

The Filmbewertungsstelle (FBW) Germany has given YOKO a rating of „besonders wertvoll“ and has written the following statement: the filmadaption oft he successful children’s novel series of KNISTER of the cuddly Yeti Yoko excites with inventiveness, suspense suitable for children and lots of humour. If the icehut or the home of Pia – the set design is puzzled out with a great love for detail and therefore there is always something new to discover. And as the villains are not only mean but even more sappy. the fun factor is high! But at first place the film is about friendship crossing borders and cultures, that can help to overcome problems, big and small.

An enchanting theatrial adventure with a fluffy hero to cuddle that also adults enjoy!


And also the admissions on the, normally weak release day for children’s films shows a great trend: already 13.000 viewers watched the adventures oft he fluffy Yeti on Thursday.

We press thumbs! 

YOKO – Countdown till release

One day the little Yeti YOKO suddenly appears in the tree house of 11year old PIA. He took refuge from malicious big game hunter Thor van Sneider. The unusual heat in Germany and spectacular pursuits drag all life energy from YOKO... 

The new Family Entertainment project of blue eyes Fiction has been shot in Germany and Austria in 2010 and has been just completed in November 2011. More than 400 visual effects and animation – shots of the anarchic furry being were produced in Germany and Sweden, before the theatrical adventure can be released in February 2012 in German and Austrian cinemas. Just like Lilly the Witch, YOKO has been realized as life action movie with a CGI Character, which has been also played as animatronic puppet on set. A new challenge for the Munich production company blue eyes! 

Again the film is based on a book series of famous author KNISTER and was produced as a German-Austrian-Swedish coproduction with a fairytale story and a funny - furry main character.

You can look forward to the theatrical release on 16th February 2012! 

Further info through: www.yoko-derfilm.de


TRENK, THE LITTLE KNIGHT celebrating success

The first season of the 13parts animation series for ZDF: TRENK, THE LITTLE KNIGHT was broadcasted in April 2011 on ZDF and KIKA with great audience ratings.

The success has given proof to ZDF’s previous decision, to greenlight the 2nd season that is already in production with coproduction partner WunderWerk and will be delivered in spring 2012. 

The big adventures of little knight TRENK will be also developed as a 2D animated theatrical film, which will be seen German screens in 2013. A must for all small big knight-story-fans! 


NEW FILMS in development!

blue eyes will go romantic in 2012! Together with Maike Haas, Corinna Mehner has developed a Romantic Comedy: BRIDES! involves everything from relationships, to marriages and the uncountable trials and tribulations while searching for THE right partner. For that the authors Kit Hopkins and Thilo Röscheisen draw a blunt arch through our society and its big and small problems round about the hunt for the best mate.


And also the young viewers can look forward to a new theatrical adventure made by blue eyes: based on the novel by Klaus Kordon blue eyes narrates the story of an unlikely friendship between a poor and a rich boy in India. One can look forward to a lot of suspense, adventure and humour in front of an authentic backdrop of the Indian society of today’s time! 

MONSUN BOY will be shot 2012/2013 as a German – Indian Coproduction.



On 17th February 2011 LILLY THE WITCH – the Journey to Mandolan was released in German and 

Austrian cinemas – now the second adventure of our courageous WITCH LILLY is also available on DVD. 

In LILLY THE WITCH – the Journey to Mandolan Lilly and Hector travel to the magic country Mandolan. This has to be saved from malicious rulers and Lilly has to find the reason for a bewitched Throne. Will she manage to free Mandolan together with her new friend the street kid Musa? Let yourself be taken by surprise and look forward to a fantastic new adventure! 

More info on the official film webpage: