Original Author: Sabine Ludwig

Script: Gerrit Hermans

Director: Tim Trageser

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Karibufilm, MINI Film (AT), Deutsche Columbia

Pictures Filmproduktion, ARRI Media Productions

Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment Deutschland

Worldsales: ARRI Media International

Release: 18.01.2018



Felix's school is haunted again, only this time it's not the benevolent spirit of school founder Otto Leonhard and the nuisance he caused, but the hated and long-since dead Director Hulda Stingbeard.  A coincidence causes the former shrunken and skeletonized school ghoul to rise again.  When she manages to return to real life,  she shrinks  Dr. Schmitt Gössenwein, and takes over the school. It takes Felix, Ella and their gang to set the levers in motion to save the school again and discover a big secret! 



 LTW 3



Original Author: KNISTER

Script: Gerrit Hermans, KNISTER

Director: Wolfgang Groos

Producer: blue eyes Fiction / TRIXTER Productions

Coproducer: Dor Film (AT), Potemkino (BE), Universum Film,

MMC Movies Köln

Distributor: Universum Film


Release: 05.11.2017



Lilly conjures Rupert (Santa’s Little Helper) to learn more about Christmas customs. The kind of scary looking Rupert soon runs away to teach the children of today some manners concerning respect and decency.






Original Author: Sabine Ludwig

Script: Gerrit Hermans

Director: Sven Unterwaldt

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Karibufilm, MINI Film (AT), Deutsche Columbia

Pictures Filmproduktion, ARRI Media Productions

Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing

Worldsales: ARRI Media World Sales

Release: 17.12.2015


Felix is snapped by his teacher Mrs. Schmitt-Gössenwein while doing a test of courage. Suddenly his teacher appears with a height of 15 centimeters in Felix’ room and blames him for the shrinkage.







Original Author: Kirsten Boie

Script: Gerrit Hermans

Director: Anthony Power

Producer: blue eyes Fiction / WunderWerk

Coproducer: Dor Film (AT) / Universum Film / ZDF

Distributor: Universum Film

Worldsales: Global Screen

Release: 05.11.2015


In a time far away called the Middle Ages, the brave farm boy Trenk travels to town, with his little piglet in tow, to become a knight and save his family from slavery. He fights against the dragon and outsmarts his most despiteful opponent, the mean knight Wertolt.




In Preproduction

SPRITE SISTERS – Four Enchanted Sisters


Script: Hortense Ullrich
              Script Consultant: Gerrit Hermans

Director: Sven Unterwaldt

Producer: blue eyes Fiction, Story  House Productions

Coproducers: Dor Film, Filmvergnuegen 



The four sisters, Flame, Marina, Flora and Sky, live with their parents in Cantrip Towers, a splendid manor house that's seen some wear and tear over the years. When Sky, the youngest, wakes up on her ninth birthday, she discovers that she can make objects float in the air. The other sisters aren't necessarily bowled over by that, because they also received magic powers on their ninth birthdays. They keep it a secret, so even their parents don't know. Each of the sisters commands an element. With Sky getting her powers, they are now complete: Fire, earth, water, and air.












Bapti is 13 years old when he moves from Germany to his parent’s native country: India. He has to give up everything, what he was familiar with in Germany and he has difficulties to make new friends. Till one day he meets the sympathetic streetvendor Gopu and takes him home as his servant BOY. With great humpur and suspense and authenticity MONSOON BOY narrates the story of an unlikely friendship, an encounter of poor and rich in modern India – seen from the point of view of a German boy.




Script Writer: David Sandreuter, Denmark

Script Editor: Claudia Boysen, Germany

Majority producer: blue eyes Fiction GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Co-Producer: OTR Productions, India

Shooting Location: Germany and India




The Dad! is about fatherly challenges which make men true heroes. In this context it is vital to capture new continents: the first visit to the gynecologist! How do you tell your best friends about your fears? Can a man ask questions during the prenatal classes? How natural is a natural childbirth? What does men's physical changes mean? Can you tweak a buggy? When will it be as it used to in the past?
With its premiere in 2007 in Iceland the stage play is very successful in more than 20 other Skandinavian countries, Benelux and many other European countries. It achieved success also in Brazil and Mexico.


Screenplay: Bjarni Haukur Thorsson, Ólafur Egilsson, Gerrit Hermans

Based on the stage play "The Dad" by Bjarni Haukur Thorsson

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Bjarni Haukur Thorsson, Ingvar Thordarson







A senior little thumbling named Fingerling is blown away by the wind and decides to travel to the city once again. He had lots of adventures
there which aren't interesting for his grandchildren anymore.
They however follow him and soon are annoyed because they should
have listened to his stories with more attention.



Original Author: Dick Laan

Script: Gerrit Hermans

Producer: blue eyes Fiction / German Film Partners






Young, unwed and the big day is just around the corner! blue eyes Fiction is in script development of BRIDES! an entertaining and humorous romantic comedy for theatrical release that will tie in with the huge success of comparative films like  MÄNNERHERZEN and A LOT LIKE LOVE.




Script: Kit Hopkins / Thilo Röscheisen

Director: Ben Verbong

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Shooting Location: Germany





MORE BLUE EYES Productions


YOKO / 2012

YOKO is the new Family-Entertainment-Franchise of blue eyes Fiction. It tells the emotional touching story, full of suspense and action, of the friendship between a young girl and a Yeti-child. The figure of the Yeti is as well fully CGI 3D-animated, as an animatronics and costume-character. Responsible for the realization of this figure is the Swedish co-production partner Fido Film AB in cooperation with the German company Pixomondo. The combination in the development of this character is so far unique on the booming European market of children’s movies. 11 year old PIA hides YOKOfrom the malicious big game hunter Thor van Sneider, who wants to present the Yetichild as a new World Sensation! PIA’s new companion impresses her and her friends with supernatural talents and a very particular sense of humour. But the small Yeti from the icy Himalayas struggles with our climate – the unusual heat andspectacular pursuits of Sneider drag all life energies from YOKO. He has to return to his home country immediately – but Sneider has different plans...




Originalauthor: KNISTER

Script: Gerrit Hermans / KNISTER / Claudia Boysen

Director: Franziska Buch

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion / B.A. Produktion / Achte Babelsberg Film / Dor Film / Forestlight


trenk the little knight - 2nd Season / 2012

After a lot of adventures Trenk still has the wish to be knighted and to deliver his parents from Werthold's serfdom. Will he be successful in the end?




Original Author: Kirsten Boie

Script: Jens Maria Merz / John Chambers / Ishel U. Eichler / Stefanie Schütz / Eckart Fingberg

Director: Eckart Fingberg

Script Editor: Jörg Zimmermann

Design: Michael Hülse / Hans Devolder / Robert Brandt

Producer: blue eyes Fiction / WunderWerk, Germany

TV-Coproducer: ZDF

Production date: 2011-2012

Production locations: Germany / China

Webpage and Trailer:


trenk the little knight - 1st Season / 2011

Based on the correspondent, award winning children's book of wellknown author Kirsten Boie, blue eyes kickstarts the financing of a 13 x 22 min animationseries at the beginning of 2009. The series went into production in May 2009 for a distribution in 2010.


Director: Eckart Fingberg
Script: Jens Maria Merz, John Chambers, Ishel U. Eichler, Stefanie Schütz, Eckart Fingberg
Script Editor: Jörg Zimmermann
Producer: blue eyes Fiction / WunderWerk
TV-Coproducer: ZDF

Production date: 2009-2011

Production locations: Germany / China



LILLY is the new Super Witch - although she is only an 11year old girl! In the last adventure she received the book of spells from the pensioned witch SURULUNDA. With the small dragon HECTOR she managed to save the world from the mischievious sorcerer HIERONYMUS. Now a new adventure is waiting for her: The travel to Mandolan!The throne of Mandolan is bewitched - a huge problem for the great Wezir GULIMAN who wants to enthrone himself as the new king of Mandolan. As his mean court - sorcerer ABRASH is helpless in the matter he calls for LILLY for help. But a Super Witch cannot be beceived: LILLY senses a conspiracy! LILLY conquers the palace guards of GULIMAN, deserts and worst of all: her own fears to free the people of Mandolan from the tyranny of GULIMAN.



FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT / Live-action Movie with CGI Characters

Originalauthor: KNISTER
Script: Bettine von Borries / Achim von Borries
Director: Harald Sicheritz
Producers: blue eyes Fiction / TRIXTER
Co-producers: DOR Film / Steinweg Emotion Pictures / Buena Vista International Film Production / Babelsberg Film
Distributor (Germany, Spain, Austria): Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
World Sales: Global Screen
Production date: Summer - Autumn 2009

Production locations: Germany / India
Cinema release: 17th February 2011



It’s all about how everything began. Our hero LILLY is a

completely normal ten year old girl, until suddenly one day a

book of magic accompanied by its guardian HECTOR, a small

and clumsy dragon, appear in her room. SURULUNDA, a Secret

Witch from the world of magic, has designated Lilly to be her

successor and Hector to explain the job.

But first Lilly must prove within 66 hours that she is worthy of

this burden. The magic book holds the promise of many exciting

adventures but also of grave danger through the evil magician

HIERONYMUS and his wish to rule the world. Lilly must

confront Hieronymus and prove that she has what it takes to

become the new Secret Witch. And as if all of this is not

enough, Lilly is forced to rush to the aid of her little brother

LEON, who recklessly places himself directly in harm’s way…



FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT / Live-action with animation elements

Original Author: KNISTER

Script: Armin Toerkell / Ralph Martin / Stefan Ruzowitzky
Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky
Producers: blue eyes Fiction / TRIXTER
Co-producers: DOR Film / Steinweg Emotion Pictures / Classic SRL  / Buena Vista International Film Production / Babelsberg Film
Distributor (Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy): Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
World Sales: Telepool

Production locations: Germany / Austria
Theatrical Release: 19th February 2009
DVD Release: November 2009

>> Trailer


SHADOWS / 2007

In summer 2006 principal photography had started for the second project SHADOWS of blue eyes Fiction in Macedonia. The Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski, whose war drama BEFORE THE RAIN was honored with the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 1994 and was widely considered to be one of the most important filmmakers of the 1990s, is living and working in New York. Now he has returned to Europe with the new and exciting film project SHADOWS. The film is a European co-production with Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and blue eyes Fiction in Germany. Postproduction finalized in August 2007 (editing in New York, VFX at TRIXTER in Munich, digital postproduction at ARRI in Munich). On 9th September 2007 SHADOWS premiered in the Special Presentation Section at the Toronto International Film Festival together with the latest films by Francois Ozon, Sidney Lumet, Neil Jordan and Michael Moore. Milcho Manchevski's film entered the Academy Award race for Macedonia in February 2008.

For further information visit:



CINEMA / ART HOUSE / Mystery Film

Director: Milcho Manchevski

Producer: Senka Films, Macedonia

Coproducer: blue eyes Fiction / Sia Advertising&Camera LTD / Classic SLR / Tornasel Films

TV-Coproduction: BR / arte

World Sales: Bavaria Film International

Production date: June - August 2006

Production location: Macedonia



Tom works as a secretary for Eric, who is a professor at university. Tom is succumed to Eric in an oedipal love-hate-relationship. At the same time, he is having an affaire with Eric's wife Camilla, who is treated with subtle cruelty by her husband. As they all go on a working holiday in the mountains of South Tyrol, it turns out Eric has been well-informed about the affaire for a long time already, which leaves Tom a pawn in his hands.




Script / Director: Tim Trachte

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen Munich

Production date: June - September 2006

Production location: Germany / Italy

Broadcaster: TV / arte


3° COLDER / 2006

In summer of 2005, blue eyes Fiction wrapped up the production of their first full-length cinema project, 3° COLDER. The dramatic love story is the debut film of Florian Hoffmeister, who already made a name for himself as Director of Photography with such successful films as LEARNING TO LIE, ONE DAY IN EUROPE and HAMBURG CELL. At the Locarno International Film Festival, the film was awarded the Silver Leopard Prize for the best first or second feature film. In March 2006 3° COLDER was released in German cinemas and is now available on DVD. More information and pressmaterial under:




Script: Mona Kino /  Florian Hoffmeister
Director: Florian Hoffmeister
Producer: blue eyes Fiction
Co-producer: sabotage films
Distributor: blue eyes Pictures

World Sales: Media Luna

Production date: November - December 2004

Production locations: Germany / Spain
Theatrical Release: 16th March 2006
Prizes: Silver Leopard Best First or Second Film, Locarno 2005

>> Trailer