The respected US History Channel commissioned blue eyes to produce the biographical documentary about Pope Benedict XVI (Broadcast: 2007). And: The 15-part in-house production “Diaries of Death” was sold to a number of countries including China, France, Canada, USA and the UK.


History Channel - Diaries of Death




Together with ohm:tv, blue eyes inaugurated CRIME SCENE TV in Austria during the summer of 2005. It is the first mobile TV channel in Europe. The company’s partners in the mobile TV field are Hutchison 3G Austria (3) and Mobilcom (A1). Austria in particular has become a pioneer country in the field of UMTS and 3G services; more than 300,000 customers there can already receive the mobile TV programmes on offer. For blue eyes and ohm:tv it was an important step to establish themselves within the mobile market as independent content providers.

The international roll-out of the programme is currently under way. A first test channel started in South Africa in 2007, and since autumn 2007 a new channel has been broadcasting in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Negotiations are currently taking place with further potential customers and partners in Europe and Asia.